Web Development


Trust5's developers have extensive experience of creating and managing complex web development projects. Having worked across multiple industries, Trust5 can understand client's needs to deliver a user centric solution that delivers a unique and engaging experience.

  • Multiple projects deployed using React and Redux . 

  • 15 years of client side web development experience.

  • HTML, CSS,SCSS, JQuery Angular JS and Javascript.




Native iOS & Android

Trust5 have worked on native app development across all main mobile platforms. Our experienced team have built applications for the health insurance market and the sports industry. These apps have integrated with multiple third-party services and API's to deliver seamless real-time experiences for users.

Native applications are developed for specific platforms and therefore require separate versions of an application for each platform. In general, code performs faster and therefore apps work faster in the case of native application development. 

  • Native iOS application development using both Objective C and Swift.

  • Native Android application development using Android Studio.




Application Development



​Trust5 have experience of a wide range of back end technologies that includes

  • C# .NET, Java, PHP and Python.

  • Console applications.

  • Extract-Transform-Load processing.

  • Source control with Git.

  • Unit testing.

In addition Trust5 develop highly secure and scalable front end API's that integrate front end web sites and native applications with back end server side applications.

  • Extensive experience developing performant APIs to power JavaScript-based websites, Android and iOS apps

  • Node.js (Express) / .NET (Web API) / Python (Flask).

  • Testing with PostMan.

  • Load balancing and auto-scaling.

  • Stress testing with Gatling.

Database Management

  • Experience building and managing large OLTP (Online Transactional Processing) databases with millions of transactions per day.

  • SQL Server, MySQL, Dynamo DB and Aurora.

  • Database maintenance planning and backup management.

  • Performance analysis and optimisation.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

With over 12 years experience of migrating and managing AWS deployments, Trust5 is the ideal cloud management partner for any company wishing to migrate to AWS.

  • DNS and certificate configuration.

  • CDN setup.

  • Setup and management of compute, storage and database resources.

  • Experience with AWS, Azure and GCP.

  • Implementing monitoring and alerting systems.

  • Long-term data archiving.

  • Developing Continuous Integration / Continuous Development pipelines with TeamCity and Jenkins.